Custom Fords at the 07 Good Guys Show in Charlotte, NC


Charlotte Motor Speedway
Charlotte, North Carolina 

I found the Custom Fords, both cars and trucks, at this car show to be outstanding! I've always favored classic Chevy's, but after seeing these Fords, I might reconsider...and I'll never forget the look of some of the Fords at this show. For instance,the yellow 33 Ford with the chopped convertible top in the pics below! The interior of the Red 34 Ford was incredible! The body on the 39 was perfect, and the flames on the True-Flames on the Hand-built 40 Ford Truck were unbelievable! As I said before, the Good-Guys Rod and Custom Association definitely know how to put on an killer Car Show!

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Hot-Rod Fords

Custom 33 Ford 33 Ford Hot Rod 1933 Ford Interior
Custom 33 Ford Roadster 33 Ford Customized Engine 33 Ford Interior
Custom 1934 Ford 34 Ford Interior Good Guys 34 Ford
Custom 1934 Ford 34 Ford Interior 34 Ford Custom Engine

39 Ford Custom Paint 39 Ford Hot Rod 39 Ford Interior
39 Ford with Custom Paint. That's that a great color! Great Lines on the Front of this 39 Ford Convertible Custom 39 Ford Interior
40 Ford Hot Rod 40 Ford Truck
40 Ford Hot Rod Truck 40 Ford Truck

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