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Most custom import cars, also known as tuner cars, were originally produced in Asia and Europe.  As the name implies, these cars were shipped to the United States.  A tuner car is basically an imported car that provides excellent gas mileage, comfort and practicality.

import tuner eclipse

Tuners became more popular in the 1990's due to the higher cost of fuel, and the ease of upgrading these cars for performance, looks, and reliability.  This is primarily due to the availability of custom car parts online!  Since the 90's, this style of car has been customized to the extreme!

Tuner cars already feature performance products that allow for better performance and handling from the factory, or manufacturer.  However, most tuner car customizers ask; "Why settle for good enough?"  Since their cars are easily modified or upgraded, due to the more than adequate parts availability, the custom car show scene has and will continue to be filled with custom import cars!  Some of the most popular upgrades for tuner cars can vary greatly when speaking of visual upgrades, performance upgrades, and even electronic additions.

import tuner civic import yner custom civic

For instance; one of the easiest and most effective performance upgrades would include the installation of a high-flow performance exhaust and cold air intake.  Both of these upgrades contribute to that familiar sound that one hears when these tuner cars zoom by you on the freeway, and are both very simple to install.  The cold air intake provides the engines with more than enough dense cold air for the engine to use.  The free-flowing exhaust creates a smooth flow passage way for the exhaust fumes/gases to exit the engine.  A large muffler, also known as a "Fart Can" is commonly mistaken for free flowing exhaust.  All Fart Cans really do is make the car louder, not faster.

custom import car custom import cars cold air intake

Suspension upgrades are often found on these vehicles too!  In order to improve upon the already excellent and looks of their tuner cars, customizers will install adjustable coil-over’s, or even air ride suspension on their tuner!  With adjustable coil-over’s, the installer or user can shorten the springs on the struts to lower the car closer to the ground to provide a lower center of gravity, which will help carve the corners a little faster.  The adjustable coil-over can also be used to stiffen the ride of an import tuner which will help reduce body roll.  Either of these two adjustments can significantly add to the tuner car's handling capabilities.  Air ride suspension on custom import cars is usually done merely to improve the looks of the car, but as I always say, "The lower, the better!"

lowered import bmw

Several visual upgrades are also available on tuner cars. Some of the most popular, but not necessarily the best looking, is the addition of larger spoilers on the rear of the car, custom body kits, and custom wheels.  Some of these visual upgrades can really add to the car's looks, but if a little thought and planning are not put in to the upgrades, the customizer can end up with a horrible looking car.

custom body kit import tuner <- Looks Awesome!

ugly ricer <-What not to do!

As for electronic upgrades in tuner cars, these cars can really "fit the part!"  As most of these cars were produced in Asia, just like the TV's and DVD players that are installed in them, customizers can take their mobile entertainment to the next level!  The addition of TV's in every area of the vehicle, Play Station 3s and even video recorders are found in these cars.  Some tuner's mobile entertainment can be more expensive and sophisticated than most peoples' home entertainment!

custom vw import tunermobile video import tuner

Although most import tuner cars are foreign made, the United States auto manufacturers have produced their own versions of tuners, know as Domestic Tuners.  For instance, Dodge has produced the Neon which is commonly seen at custom cars shows that can compete with the best of the foreign tuners.  Another example of an American made tuner would be the Chevrolet Cobalt, and Cavalier which have both really hit the tuner scene big in recent years.

domestic tuner cavalier custom cavalier tuner dodge neon tuner car 

Custom Subaru Impreza

See various pics of custom Import cars below:
custom import car custom import car custom import car
custom import car custom import car custom import car

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