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car wash soapWe all appreciate a clean car or truck and our car detailing products will help you thoroughly clean your car or truck!  There’s just something about seeing a combination of paint and chrome glistening in the sun Having a clean ride is especially important to us car customizers that want to show off our work and custom modifications.  Having a custom car that's rolling dirty isn't custom at all!
car detail spray, best car detailing sprayOur Touch Up Shine Auto Detail Spray is just what you need when your car is dusty and no time to spare. You have two options. You can pull out your traditional water hose, bucket of soap and shop towels just to give your car a sloppy streaky wash or you can receive professional results in half the time with one easy step.

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Nothing shows that you care for and appreciate your car or truck more than detailing it.  When I say detailing your ride, I mean cleaning it inside and out.  Shining up the paint, cleaning the upholstery, getting the grime off of the 
and polishing up the chrome wheels are all part of the detailing process.
compounds and polishesSome of these tasks are easy to over look, but with the right car detailing products, you can easily clean your car or truck with minimal effort.  That’s where we come in to help!  Inside and out, the detailing products we offer are developed to help you clean your car or truck quickly and more effectively than other company’s cleaning products. Plus they are inexpensive.
waxes and sealants  So why not just go down to your local auto parts store and use the products you find there?  One reason is that stores like this offer too many brands with too many options to choose from.  How are you supposed to pick what’s best for cleaning you car with so many options?  Are the products compatible?  Another BIG reason for not buying your detailing products from major chain stores is that the brands they carry may be familiar names, but virtually every “big name brand” drastically dilutes their product to make it go further for them, NOT YOU!  This means that you aren’t really getting what you pay for.  You pay for a little bit of soap, for instance, and get a big bottle of diluted soap and a lot of water.
air freshenersConsider this instead...  Buy your detailing products from us to insure that you will know exactly what each product is used for, and that the           product you are buying is not diluted.  How will you know what the product is designed to be used for?  Our descriptions and the product’s label will clearly state the exact purpose of the product.  How do you know that our cleaning products aren’t diluted?  Instructions are provided on the product labels to tell you how to dilute it specifically, if you want to stretch it out some
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