Best Wheel Cleaner
Best Tire Cleaner

     Keep your wheels looking awesome with the best wheel cleaner and best tire cleaner on the market.  A nice set of wheels van truly set your car or truck apart from the rest, but only if the wheels are clean!  Since your wheels are the lowest part of your vehicle, they are going to get grimey rather quickly.  The addition of being so close to your brakes is going to cause them to be covered with brake dust.  Brake dust is what cause your wheels to turn black with that soot-like mess, especially if you're hard on the brakes, or have large wheels that require more braking force to stop.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a wheel cleaner that maes it easy to maintain the luster that your wheels had when they were new?
     Well, you are in luck!  The wheel cleaner we offer is specifically designed for your type of wheel finish (chrome, painted, alloy) to safely and easily clean and protect them.  Our tire cleaner is designed to clean both white-wall and black-wall tires quickly and easily too!

Select your wheel cleaner below according to the type of finish your wheels have.  The tire cleaner and tire shiner works on all types of tires.

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Safe Wheel
Wheel Cleaner
For Chrome, Painted, Polished Wheels
New Aluminum
Wheel Cleaner
For Alloy Wheels with clear- coat
Tire Cleaner for black or white sidewall tires
best tire shine, lane's super blue tire shine, tire shinebest tire dressing, lane's grape tire dressing, tire dressing
Super Blue Tire Shine
High Gloss Tire Shine
Grape Tire Dressing

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