Pebble Pushers' Scr8pFest 11

     The Scr8pFest 11 SUVs were better than ever this year! It was cool to see that there were several suvs of the same make and model, but each had been modified in a completely different way to make them unique. That's what car customizing (or SUV customizing in this case) is all about!

     Just when I thought I had seen it all, someone brings out a body-dropped Ford Bronco on air ride.  It featured a monochrome front end (all of front is one color), phantom billet grille, and some sick custom paint behind the rear fenders that were covering lugs on the Bronco's Wheels!  Usually I see Broncos lifted sky high on Boggers or something, but this Bronco was much different!

     Another SUV that really caught my attention was the lime green square body Blazer shown below.  It featured a completely shaved body and suicide (front opening) doors.  It looked very well done.

     Check out the pics below to see what some of the Scr8pFest 11 Slammed Utility Vehicles looked like.

Custom Hummer H2 Scr8pFest Scr8pfest 11 blazer
Scr8pfest 11 suv air ride Scr8pfest 11 Car show custom suvs
Scr8pfest 11 slammed blazer suicide doors Pebble Pushers Scr8pfest 11 S10 s-10 custom square body
Custom Ford Bronco Scr8pfest 11 Bronco Car show
body dropped bronco air ride suspension Scr8pfest 11 Bronco custom paint tuckin lugs
Scr8pFest 11 Orange Blazer orange and silver Blazer at Scr8pFest 11 Scrape Fest Pebble Pushers
Layed Laid out Silver Blazer Layed Laid out Silver Blazer air bags Scr8pFest 11
Ford Expedition on 26s Scr8pFest 11 Slammed S-10 Blazer Scr8pFest 11
Custom Ford explorer paint Scr8pFest 11 Custom Ford explorer paint Scr8pFest 11
Custom Ford explorer paint Scr8pFest 11 Custom Ford explorer paint Scr8pFest 11
Scr8pfest 11 dragon blazer Scr8pfest 11 dragon blazer
Scr8pfest 11 dragon blazer

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